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Fan Favorite Courtney Galiano Speaks on Her Experiences 

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The So You Think You Can Dance tour is underway

Kim Brown
Tulsa World
Fan favorite Courtney Galiano, a former New York Knicks City Dancer, was considered by many to be the contest’s dark horse, but the 20-year-old contemporary dancer’s personality and perseverance proved them wrong. She danced her way into the top four.

Here’s what she said in a telephone interview from rehearsals in L.A.

KB: What did you do after the show’s finale? Did
you get some rest?

CG: “It was really overwhelming when I went back home (to Commak, N.Y.). I didn’t know how to thank everyone that been so supportive. We had a big party at the house with a DJ and a lot of dancing … But I had a day off, and I sat in my bed for literally the entire day.”

Who were your favorite choreographers on the show?

“There were just so many, and you learned a new thing from every choreographer, but I really loved Sonya (Tayeh) because she was so tough but it was so great. She has this totally positive energy about her and it was just contagious.”

How did you handle the stress of learning new routines week after week and then performing them on live television?

“It’s intense physically, and when you’re on the show, there’s a lot more pressure and that made it really diMcult. It really took, physically, a bigger toll on our bodies than everybody expected.”

What can fans expect from the tour?

“You’ll see pretty much all of the dances you’ve seen on show from the choreographers like Tyce (Diorio) and Mia (Michaels) and Mandy (Moore). … It’s definitely an active show.We’re all out of breath backstage, but it’s going to be amazing. We have so many dances.”

What will you do after the tour wraps?

“I want to do everything. I would love to do movies, commercials, Broadway, singing and acting. I feel that to make it in this business you need to be well-rounded. This show is a great springboard to other things, and I appreciate every opportunity I get.”

What have you learned from your “So You Think You Can Dance” experience?

“You have to keep striving. You always have to be a student and keep learning.”

Tour Photo
The cast of "So You Think You Can Dance," tour. Dancer Courtney Galiano is front row, second from right.

Complete list of tour cities and dates here.

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