Friday, September 05, 2008

Vikings Cheerleaders Celebrate Silver Anniversary 

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MVC Celebrate 25 Years

By Ellie, 2nd Year Veteran
8/23/2008 |

It didn’t take Head Coach Tami Krause long to decide how to commemorate the 25th year of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders – she knew that the best way to celebrate the landmark was by putting on a great show for the fans who have watched the team grow and change over the years!

Approximately 120 women came together to participate in the spectacular halftime performance at the August 8th home game against the Seattle Seahawks. The talented performers included current team members and 30 alumni representing each decade the team has been in existence.

The group put in some long rehearsal hours in the weeks preceding the game to prepare for the performance, with intricate choreography and formations developed by famed MVC alumni twin sisters Kelly Clement and Casey Hall.

Traditional stadium favorites “Start Me Up,” “Thunder,” and “Welcome to the Jungle” shook the walls of the Metrodome and got the fans energized for the game’s second half. MVC of all ages enjoyed the high energy, precision dancing that has been the signature style of the Vikings Cheerleaders since the team started in 1984.

Speaking from personal experience, I know that all of the current MVC have tremendous respect for the cheerleaders who came before us, so it was an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to dance as a multi-generational team in 2008. Thanks to all of the coaches, staff, choreographers and alumni that helped to make our performance a huge success!

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