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'Sweethearts for Soldiers' heading to Afghanistan 

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Bend, Oregon ex-NFL Cheerleader learning dance moves via DVD

By Victoria Adelus, KTVZ.com
Sweethearts for Soldiers, a group of current and former NFL Cheerleaders, including one from Bend, soon will be leaving for the front lines again.

It's all an effort to show the troops support.

It will be Bend resident Brianne Beaty's second time overseas with the Sweethearts for Soldiers.

She says she's even more excited about this trip than the last.

"It's going to be amazing, seeing another country and getting to meet the soldiers that are deployed," Beaty said Monday.

The Sweethearts for Soldiers is a group of over 20 former and current NFL Cheerleaders.

Five of them, including Beaty, will soon be off to Afghanistan.

In March, the Sweethearts traveled to Iraq. Once there, they handed out World War II-style pin-up calendars and care packages to the troops.

Brianne Iraq
Brianne in Iraq

This next trip, Beaty says, is going to be a little different.

"So not only are we going to bring them smiles, and hugs but we're going to bring them entertainment," in the form of several variety shows, she said.

"It's going to include all-American dances and songs," Beaty said.

Beaty says she's been practicing for two months, and being that each Sweetheart lives in a different state, she's had to learn each routine in a unique way.

"We've been learning the choreography and material via DVDs," she said. "Basically we've been choreographing different numbers, and we would videotape it, put it on a DVD, mail it, and learn it."

Beaty says she's just as nervous as she was before she headed to Iraq.

"Just getting more anxious, every day it gets closer to the tour," she said.

But she says it's not about her, it's about showing support for the troops.

"I'm just so excited to take a show over to the troops and just give them a break from their daily activity and give them a piece of home," Beaty said.

The Sweethearts for Soldiers will only be able to practice the variety show a few times together before they head overseas. They will leave for Afghanistan on Saturday.

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