Saturday, September 27, 2008

NFL Week #3 - What's Cute, Adorable and Lives in San Diego? 

Posted by James at 9:25 PM ET

Tiger Cub
Tiger Cubs? Sure.

Koala Bears? Certainly.

Charger Girls
Charger Girls? Without a doubt!

If you've read the blog this week, you already know that David Tyau invited me out for Monday Night Football. I also took the time to stop by the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

And for those of you lamenting an over abundance of Charger Girls on the blog, my flight from Chicago to San Diego was overbooked. So, I took a voluntary bump and am now in possession of a travel voucher. Who knows where I'll be traveling next, I just might be coming to photograph your squad.

Not nearly as good as David's photos, but your double dose of Week #3 Charger Girls in the gallery. (Apologies, if I got any of the names wrong) Shooting at a night game is tricky, but David really helped out with some excellent advice.

[San Diego Charger Girls]

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