Thursday, September 25, 2008

NFL Week #2 - Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 

Posted by Sasha at 6:14 PM ET

WEEK 2 : Miami Dolphins @ Arizona Cardinals
We've Got a Winner in Town!
By: Arizona Correspondent Max

Long suffering Cardinals fans, this is the year. Believe it. After two convincing wins exerting their will against two inferior opponents, the Bird is flying high over its demoralized opposition in the NFC West. While no one has ever dreamed of a perfect Arizona 16-0 season, a home playoffs game would make them the toast of the town. If the lovable losers Chicago Cubs can take a shot a winning the grand prize World Series this year after 100 years of futility, why not the Arizona Cardinals! As rivals Milwaukee Brewers have taught us, its not how you start its how you finish. This die-hard cheesehead fan still suffers.

Report on the game. The Arizona Cardinals scored early and often against the Miami Dolphins giving the fans a new luxury – leaving early when the home team is way ahead. Of course I stayed the entire duration as I do love fast-action sports photography. And naturally, photography of the glamorous cheerleaders is just as much fun. With all of the touchdowns, first downs, and heroic plays by the home team, we enjoyed hours of euphoria in the stadium. Some of my favorite shots I take are the natural reaction of excitement after a great play. No shortage of those moments this week! But naturally when the Cards make a horrible play, the cheerleaders are professionals at conveying positive emotion.

Ms Photogenic Cheerleader of the week is Megan J. She knows a NFC West champion when she sees one! Arizona looks to claw that title away from Seattle.

Rookie Sensation Danielle flashes a multi-million dollar smile at the crowd. After 3 TD receptions by a disgruntled diva wide-receiver, we figure it may be time for ownership to show Anquan Boldin the money.

Angie is taking extra satisfaction watching the Miami Dolphins make another futile effort at a touchdown. They eventually reached paydirt after the seventh attempt.

After celebrating another score, Whitney C. steps into a pirouette. I love that she grew her hair longer this season.

All-American Amanda dances after the Cardinals take a 3-score lead. Nobody can remember last time that happened.

Rookie Lindsay smiles brightly as she doesn't remember the previous twenty years of Arizona Cardinals futility.

Pro Bowler Kathy smiles because she remembers the days when the Cardinals used to play in an outdoor stadium where the temperature was a scorching 110F in September.

I am not certain whether Tamar is indicating "Touchdown" or "Personal foul – Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty".

Here is Tara leading her line in a cheer. Coach Ken Whisenhut has credited the sold-out crowds to helping Arizona to victory in close games. Last season the Cards were 6-2 at home.

Why is Neeley so happy? My guess is that she just spotted famous Dolphin fan Johnny Depp in the luxury suite.

One of my favorite moment of the season, the American flag covers the entire field goalline to goalline. This is the University of Phoenix tradition during the national anthem of the first AZ Cards regular season home game.

I still wonder how I missed this detail – the mascot got a face lift! Big Red might get those eyes examined before firing that T-Shirt gun again.

Here is Larry Fitzgerald rising above the crowd to make the game-winning play, catching the on-side kick.