Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Jersey Ironmen Dance Team Auditions 

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Monday night at Newark's Prudential Center Auditions, young ladies from all across the NYC area turned out for the 2008-09 New Jersey Ironmen Dance Team Auditions.

NJ Ironmen Dance Team

Ironmen Director of Game Operations Jim Gooley says that last season the Dance Team was even a bigger hit than they had hoped for. This year the Ironmen are moving to a new league, the XSL, and the Dance Team is going to be an even more important component of the organization both on game day and in the community

NJ Ironmen Dance Team
Now normally, I like to talk to the dancers before the auditions, and get a little biographical information to share on the blog. But on this night Ironmen Director of Communications John Archibald had asked me to serve on the Media Panel providing input on the dance team selections. So, because of my small (and I emphasize very small) role in the selection process, I thought it best not to converse with any of the hopefuls.

NJ Ironmen Dance Team
Director of Ironmen Dance Team Jacqueline Ritchie taught the routine.

NJ Ironmen Dance Team
Veteran Cydny shows of her moves. Dancers from last year's team had to re-audition.

NJ Ironmen Dance Team
The 2008-09 New Jersey Ironmen Dance Team

What's up next? Rehearsals will get underway this Saturday. The Ironmen Dance Team is performing at two minor league baseball parks next week. And then there's the calendar. Photographers are already scouting for locations to shoot the team's first calendar.

Rest of the photos are in the gallery.

[New Jersey Ironmen Dance Team]

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