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Moore Ready To Hit National Stage 

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By Danny Malkovich
Benton Evening News
While most of us are concerning ourselves with Friday Night Lights, Benton native Lauren Moore is getting ready for the Sunday Spotlight. Moore, after a big-time dance career at Murray State University, is ready to begin her career as a St. Louis Rams cheerleader.

That’s the National Football League St. Louis Rams, by the way, and she can’t be happier.

“It’s been a lot of fun so far,” Moore said. “It’s been a good experience. I performed in two preseason games and the season opener is next week.”

Lauren, Rams Cheerleader

Moore’s first NFL game will be against the defending Super Bowl champs, the New York Giants. But she can’t daydream about the sellout crowd and the number of eyes that will be on her as she performs at the Dome. Her schedule is too full.

Right now, Moore is becoming as skilled at juggling as she is dancing. A management trainee at Enterprise in Carbondale, Moore has to drive to St. Louis every Tuesday and Thursday for practices that last from 7-10 p.m. Then there are the promotional events the cheerleaders take part in every week.

“I just started a new job ad I had to adjust to new co-workers and to new responsibilities,” she said. “And when I started with the Rams, I had to adjust to new team members and new experiences.

“It’s a lot, sometimes, to work all day, then drive to St. Louis to practice and then drive home,” Moore said.

Some of the promotions Moore has performed at include: Several charity golf tournaments, an NFL Draft Day event, the 4th of July Fair in St. Louis, and a clinic at the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center in East St. Louis.

“We do a lot of promotion for the team and a lot of charity work,” Moore said. “I really didn’t know how much we would do until we started, but I absolutely love it.”

When the game begins, look for Moore on the sidelines and on the field.

“We are on the sidelines the entire game,” she said. “We get to perform on the field before the game and we are always on the field during the game.”

Moore said the routines are different than the ones she performed at MSU.

“It’s more entertainment-style dance,” she said. “The dances aren’t as technical as they were in college. We are looking for crowd appeal — everything is visual.”

Probably the most visual task Moore will take part in wasn’t near the dome in St. Louis. Moore and her team recently got back from a week-long trip to Cancun, where they posed for shots that will be featured in a calendar, with proceeds almost entirely going to charity.

“We were in Cancun for a week and we were treated like celebrities,” she said. “It was great.”

The photo shoot was filmed by Fox Sports Midwest and will be shown September 13 at 3 p.m.

But, aside from all the charity events, photo shoots and promotional appearances, Moore is just glad to still be dancing.

“If I can, I would love to keep involved in dance,” Moore said. “Weather it’s coaching or teaching I’d like to keep dance in my life. I’ve always had my mind set on this, I just never realized what an honor it is. When we go out in the community we realize it.

“Right now, I just want to see where this takes me,” she continued. “After this season I will see where I’m at and if I can continue to make it work out I will.”

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