Friday, September 26, 2008

Luvabulls Travel Around the World for NBA Madness 

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From Bulls.com

The Chicago Luvabulls recently took their show on the road, spending time in Hong Kong for NBA Madness.

NBA Madness is designed to demonstrate the fun and excitement of the NBA via an interactive basketball, music and lifestyle event created for fans of all ages. Activities included slam dunk contests, three-point shootouts, interactive games and exhibits, and dancing performances by the Luvabulls.

The opening ceremony took place on Friday, September 12, and the event concluded on Sunday, September 14. The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, which goes to the winner of the NBA Finals, was on display throughout the event.

Toronto Raptors forward Jason Kapono interacted with the attendees by holding clinics and participating in various shootouts with fans. The Luvabulls and Kapono also visited an orphanage while in Hong Kong.

The trip was literally a trip around the world. It began in Chicago, with a layover in Newark, N.J. The international flight flew northwest over the Atlantic, over Iceland and Greenland, over the Arctic, then Russia, and finally over China to Hong Kong. The return flight left Hong Kong and flew over Japan, the Pacific Ocean, Alaska, Canada, and finally arrived in Newark, before catching a return flight to Chicago. The travel time each way was approximately 20 hours.

A great time was had by all. It was a pleasure for the Luvabulls to represent the Chicago Bulls and the NBA at the event.

More photos from the Luvabulls trip here.

[Chicago Luvabulls]

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