Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Former Laker Girl Sandra Colton Launches Her New Online Magazine 

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Sandra ColtonFOX’s So You Think You Can Dance Finalist and Former Laker Girl Sandra Colton launched her new online magazine entitled, Original Girl Magazine, this past Monday.

Recently releasing her music video on Yahoo! Music and being featured on the Verizon Premiere Spotlight, Sandra kicks it up a notch with the launch of her new online publication, O.G. Magazine! Known for her dance moves and sultry pop songs, Sandra switches things up in the lab “with a pen and a pad” as Dr. Dre would say, to create a quarterly lifestyle magazine for college students and young adults that showcases music, movies, television and fashion and also highlights financial aid, study abroad, resume and career building tips as well.

Sandra created O.G. Magazine to help bridge the gap between the Teen Magazine & Adult Lifestyle Publications. What is an O.G.? An Original Girl is someone who is smart, sexy, young, fashionable, on the go & in the know! She’s a Cool Cat, ahead of the times, savvy and ultra creative! An Original Girl encompasses qualities & attributes that give confidence, worthiness & respect to whomever finds such esteemed characteristics within.

O.G. features an Original Girl on each cover, readers’ submissions of poetry, short stories & spotlights clever and creative content in it’s departments, (In The Know, On The Go, Dressing Room, On The Menu, Health & Lifestyle, Poetry Palette & More). The Premiere features O.G. Cover Girl: Jennifer Lynn, NFL Star: Ryan Grant, Indie Film

“The Night Before The Wedding,” the hottest B-Girl Crew: The Beat Freaks, the future of Fashion with designer Jill Lindsey & the O.G. interactive soap opera, Petals: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, along with Ads from USC, Frontline, Nine West, DUST & IT Cosmetics!

Sandra will be featured in the November issue of Dance Spirit Magazine & invites you to read O.G. Magazine.

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