Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffalo Jills 2009 Fundraiser 

Posted by James at 1:44 PM ET

From the Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:
Last March, the Buffalo Jills held a fundraiser for their Calendar Shoot to help cut costs on the trip they held this past May. It was a big success with 25 of the 2007 squad in attendance. For the 2009 trip, the fundraiser was bumped up in an effort to cut travel costs even more and 42 of the 45 girls on the squad helped the few hundred guests fill SoHo even more than we filled it in March.

They even had to open up the 2nd floor patio bar this time around to handle the crowd. In addition to the larger squad, there was another addition to the event this time around. Anyone who's been to a large Jills event the past several years knows that there's usually a big dance performance involved and with the extra planning time for this event, they put together 2 dance routines performed in the 2nd floor patio bar.
Jills Party

More photos and video at Phil's Blog.

[Buffalo Jills]

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