Sunday, September 21, 2008

Axe Maidens at the First Coast Heart Walk. 

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The Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League season may be over but the Axe Maidens are still hard at work in the community. On Saturday, September 13th Axe Maidens – Amanda, Becky, Dee Dee, Amy and Lauren - made an appearance at the First Coast Heart Walk. They motivated the crowd at the start of the race & finish line and cheered on the participants as they crossed the finish line. The ladies even helped to unpack and distribute water.

Axe Maiden Amanda shares her experience at the Heart Walk:
“I was able to hear a few stories & callouts..... The Baptist Health team called themselves "the Grateful Undead" and we took pictures with "the King" as they called him. Unfortunately, it was hard to get details, but you can see from the people walking, how they have triumphed over their heart condition.

As walkers came through it was very touching to see the t-shirts showing support for a loved one. Some had pictures, some had catchy team names and some had their names. I couldn't believe it when one shouted and pointed to her friend - "10 months after heart surgery" as she crossed the finish line.

They were thanking us for being there, but we were there to support all their hard work and efforts to keep such a great organization going strong.”

Axe Madiens

Axe Madiens

Axe Madiens

More pictures from the Heart Walk can be found on the Axe Maidens My Space.

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