Thursday, August 07, 2008

WBS Pioneers Pioneers Pony Express 

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The nature of Arena Football lends itself to back-and-forth high scoring games. So when the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pioneers jumped out to a 30-0 lead over the Quad City Steamwheelers in Saturday's first round af2 playoff game, the deficit was turned out to be insurmountable. The Pioneers won 57-29 advancing to face the visiting Tennessee Vally Vipers this Saturday at the Wachovia Arena.

While the play on the field was lopsided, the Pioneers Dance Team, The Pony Express, under the direction of Danielle Legge put on another outstanding performance much to the delight of the Pioneers faithful.

Pony Express
Meghan, Leslie, Natalie, and Marina

Pony Express
Pony Express Captain Alaina who would just love to be an Oakland Raiderette some day.

Pony Express
Ten years ago Ryan was on the sidelines of Pro Player Stadium as a member of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. Today she's a mom, but still loves performing. And while she loves the NFL, she says nothing can match the excitement of Arena Football.

More photos in the gallery.

[WBS Pioneers Pony Express]

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