Thursday, August 21, 2008

Professional Cheerleaders Alumni Supports 5K Run/Walk for Riley 

Posted by James at 5:00 AM ET

On Saturday, October 11, 2008 members of Professional Cheerleaders Alumni, Inc. will participate in a 5K Run/Walk for baby Riley Turner. The event will start and finish in the center of the St. Johns Town Center, while the course runs through the avenues of shops and stores.

Whitney New, a member of Professional Cheerleaders Alumni has asked her alumni sisters to support this cause for her niece, Riley, who has an undiagnosed myopathy (muscle condition). “Because the disease is undiagnosed, insurance companies won’t cover the medical bills associated with her condition. The RITA Foundation is holding this 5K fundraiser to help the family pay the medical bills” comments Whitney. “I am so thankful that I am involved with such a great group of women that will come
together for a good cause.”

To get involved in this fundraiser, you may sign up at any 1st Place
Sports or online at 1stPlaceSports.com or visit

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