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NFL Pre-season Week #2 - Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders 

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Last Thursday the Eagles hosted the Carolina Panthers at Lincoln Financial Field.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Before the game Jamie and Alexandra were signing autographs on HeadHouse Plaza. They were actually done and going back inside when I arrived but they were gracious enough to stop and pose for this photo.

Eagles Cheerleaders
The game was marred by an hour plus thunderstorm/inclement weather delay. To the surprise and delight of the crowd when the game resumed, the Eagles Cheerleaders returned to the field still in their summer uniforms. No warm-ups, jackets or plastic ponchos for these ladies. Of course the Eagles Cheerleaders have a history of performing in adverse weather conditions.

Cold Cheerleader equals loss

The Cold Cheerleader theory originated with ESPN.com's Gregg Easterbrook. Simply stated, if the Cheerleaders unnecessarily cover up due to the weather, the players will lack motivation and lose. Conversely, if the Cheerleaders brave the elements, this display of professionalism will inspire the players on to victory.

Eagles Cheerleaders
The Eagles were trailing 13-0 in the final quarter. But in spite of the weather, the Cheerleaders persevered without raingear. The players responded appropriately scoring 24 unanswered 4th Quarter points.

The Cheerleaders proved to be even tougher than me. (Of course, that isn't saying much.) I was worried about the rain damaging my camera so I missed parts of the first and second quarter hiding in the concourse.

Eagles Cheerleaders
While we're on the subject of inspiring, we'll mention that Rachel will be leaving Wednesday for Fort Benning, GA for Army Airborne School. For those of you who are not familiar with Rachel, she's an Army ROTC Cadet at Drexel University. Upon completing the three week course Rachel will earn her jump wings and be parachutist qualified! The only downside is she's going to miss the next two home games.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Unsurprisingly Calendar Cover Girl Amy, says she is recognized more than ever. This was Amy's first game as line captain; she said she was a little nervous in her first game as captain, but ended up doing an outstanding job.

Eagles Cheerleaders
And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention second-year veteran Laura's never say die attitude. By my reckoning Laura provided more "Go Eagles!" and "Let's Go Eagles!" shouts than anyone else. Even when things were at their gloomiest, Laura was still pulling for the team with a smile and a cheer.

More photos in the gallery. (I think I got everyone's name right.)

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

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