Saturday, August 16, 2008

NFL Cheerleaders in Maxim Magazine...Sort of 

Posted by Sasha at 4:29 PM ET

In past years, Maxim and FHM magazines have published a special feature about NFL cheerleaders. This year, FHM (the print version) is no more, and Maxim has scaled down their coverage. Only four cheerleaders are included in September 08 issue of the magazine, tucked into the "2008 NFL Blowout" section.

The four cheerleaders included are Lilly Robbins (Miami Dolphins), Janelle Stangl (Eagles), Anabel DeLa Cerna (Redskins), and Rachel Watson (Bucs) with her new 'do. This is very cool for the four of them. However, those weren't the only four cheerleaders who participated in the photo shoot for this issue. Where's from Meredith from the NY Jets? What's up with that?

Unfortunately, the cheerleader photos haven't been posted on the Maxim website. So you'll either have to buy a copy of the magazine, or make do with these craptastic photos I shot. Sorry folks.

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