Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maxim's NFL Pom Profiles 

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Lilly Robbins
Age: 20 • Miami Dolphins

When a team is losing, sometimes the cheer­leaders will still chant, “We’re number one!” Do you condone lying?
Yes, I think it’s OK. We’re there for the fans, to help them get their spirits up. When we’re losing, you can’t be in a frustrated mood, because we’re the ones helping pick them up, telling them that we can come back. We’re the team’s number one fans, so they have to rely on us to keep everyone motivated and optimistic.

What about your fans? Got any crazy ones?
We’ve got these two guys, and they just have every calendar and every picture we’ve ever done. I don’t care if you took a picture with me my rookie year at some random appearance, they have it. And they’ll have it laminated, so that they can pull it out and have you sign it. They carry around all the old calendars in case a former cheerleader is there. They’re harmless, but it’s almost like they want to be us.

I had a guy ask me for one of the girl’s game-worn socks.

Do you have a day job?
I’m a full-time student studying sports broadcasting. I’m going to a community college right now. I have one semester left, and then I’ll hopefully be at FAU [Florida Atlantic University] in the spring. I want to be an interviewer on the sidelines.

OK, challenge time: Make up a Maxim cheer on the spot. Go!
Um…Maxim’s number one…whoo!

Janelle Stangl
Age: 21 • Philadelphia Eagles

What’s the biggest misconception about cheerleaders?
People think, Oh, cheerleaders, it’s all bubblegum and you’re so happy all the time. But it is really a lot of hard work! We have to sit in splits for 10 minutes on each side, and it’s really tough.

Is there anything unglamorous about it?
Well, I got bitten by bugs on our calendar shoot in the Dominican Republic. It was the worst itching I’ve ever felt. But our calendar is amazing! Everything was made out of recycled material. Go green!

Would the Eagles be as eco-friendly if their team color were red?
Probably. It’s a big issue. Our practice complex has solar energy.

Anabel Dela Cerna
Age: 26 • Washington Redskins

What kind of perks do you have as a cheerleader that don’t come with your day job as a data analyst? Besides the cute short skirt.
My squad went to Iraq in November. We put on shows for the troops. We actually stayed in Saddam Hussein’s palace, which was surreal. We slept in his guesthouse, and I sat on his throne.

His toilet or his actual throne?
Both, actually!

Rachel Watson
Age: 23 • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What is a buccaneer, exactly?
It’s a type of pirate.

Do you think it’s appropriate to glorify a group of people who are infamous for raping and pillaging?
No, I don’t! But that’s not our kind of buccaneer. Ours is very, very nice and does not rape or pillage.

You’re a veteran on the squad. Do you haze the rookies when they start?
Not really, but we have a retreat the week after you make the team, and it’s a team-bonding weekend. There’s no hazing or anything—we just want to show them what this means to us and how things are, so it’s kind of an introduction to cheerleading and a lot of team-building activities.

What’s the most important quality a good cheerleader should have?
Obviously, looks come into play a lot, but with our team, what I find most important, and what all our girls have, is personality. We have full-time jobs and we’re in school, and we have a life outside of cheerleading. We’re very well-rounded and down-to-earth.

And enthusiastic!
Yeah, I have a very energetic personality, and I’m positive about most things.

What about rising gas prices?
OK, I’m not enthusiastic about that. I don’t think anyone’s enthusiastic about that.

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