Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Introducing AlumniCheerleaders.com 

Posted by James at 10:56 AM ET

Alumni Cheerleaders
AlumniCheerleaders.com is an online Social Network for former and current cheerleaders and dancers to reunite and communicate. "Once a cheerleader or dancer, always a cheerleader or dancer" is the motto. Regardless of when you cheered or whether for different teams, there is a connection with former squad members.

The website is the brainchild of Michele "Mickey" Crawford. Mickey is a former collegiate and NFL cheerleader. She cheered on the Varsity squad for 3 years at Georgia Tech, and for 7 years was an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader (captain and Cheerleader of the Year). She also started the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Alumni group in 2002 and is the coordinator of the organization with over 200 members.

Check it out at AlumniCheerleaders.com.