Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eleven Years Ago This Week I Quit My Job at Barnes & Noble - It Was One of the Best Decisions of My Life 

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You know how Sasha always writes amusing and entertaining posts when she's on assignment, while I always serve up Joe Friday-style "Just the facts, ma'am." posts?

Well, I'm not going to try to be funnier or more interesting (or longer!) than Sasha, but I do just want to say that 11 years ago I had my fill of working for Barnes & Noble. So one day I handed in my resignation, even though I had no new job lined up. I played golf for about a month, before stumbling on to a new career. My hatred for B&N has diminished over the years, but I am still glad I left. For one thing if I was still working those 60+ hour weeks in the bookstore, I'd have no time for the blog. And starting this blog was also "One of the Best Decisions of My Life".

Why bring this all up? Here's why:

Eagles Cheerleaders

The brand new Barnes & Noble in Cherry Hill, NJ was having a Calendar signing with Eagles Cheerleaders Amy and Alicia. So I declared a temporary truce and made my way to the Garden State for the signing.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Eagles Cheerleaders Amy and Alicia along with Eli Kowalski, author of Looking Back...75yrs of Eagles History.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Five-year veteran and Calendar Cover Girl Amy is a Drexel University graduate and an Operating Room Nurse.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Three-year veteran Alicia is a Rutgers University graduate an one heck of a Texas Hold'em player.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Order your 2008-09 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Calendar here.

Eagles Cheerleaders
Eli's book is also another perfect gift for the true Eagles fan. Order your copy here.

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

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