Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Broncos Cheerleaders Calendar Debut 

Posted by Sasha at 5:23 PM ET

Cheerleaders: The Best Kind of Twelfth Man

Metromix: Who says money doesn’t get you anything anymore? Last night at Invesco Field $25 got you rare access to 33 gorgeous women and complimentary Anheuser-Busch adult beverages. The curves extended beyond the bottle as the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders staged a pre-season occupation of the Club Level, personalizing copies of their 2009 swimsuit calendar. A Bronk-ette for every month of the year and then some graciously signed enough calendars to last till the next millennium with proceeds going to benefit Denver Broncos Cheerleaders charities. While every NFL team has their highs and lows, at least most fans can appreciate that one reliable constant: beautiful and vivacious ladies with pom-poms and edifying smiles. [Photos]

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