Monday, August 18, 2008

BBL in Germany: Düsseldorf Giants Sensationals 

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Our good friend from Germany, Michael Fisher, sends us his latest report:

The Basketball Team Giants Leverkusen found an new home here in Düsseldorf after the big company BAYER (the Aspirin manufacture) ended the sponsorship.

The old cheerleader stunt team - the Giants Wildcats - didn´t move to Düsseldorf. Therefore the Giants have been looking for a new professional dance team and started an application process.

The Giants officials watched demo videos from of different teams and checked the application documents very careful.

German PBL Cheerleaders

After the application process was complete the Fire Dancers from the Fire Agency received the the contract. Henry Sprenger and Linda Haferkorn head of the Fire Agency have worked hard on the new dance team concept for the last weeks. The result: The Giants Sensationals.

Last Thursday the Giants invited famous people of politics, business and sports in the Apollo Vaudeville. Its long time ago we had a federal basketball team in Düsseldorf.

German PBL Cheerleaders

The Sensationals performed for the guests on the stage.

Linda and Henry were happy after this successful show. The press photographers had some time to shoot some photos on the stage and in front of the Apollo Theatre.

It´s not long time to the first regular season game, the Giants are meeting the Cologne 99ers on 20th September.

More photos in the gallery.

On an unrelated note: Michael mentioned that he'll be meeting with Arena Football League officials about cheerleaders/dancers for possible games in Europe. So we might actually get a scoop here on the plans for the AFL in Europe. He promises to keep us updated.

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