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Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Ashley Can't Tell Us About Her Job 

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Blast CheerleadersWe like to profile Cheerleaders and Dancers that have careers and professions that most fans wouldn't normally associate with Professional Cheerleading. In the past we've met attorneys, doctors, service members, engineers and even a funeral director.

Today we profile two-year veteran Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Ashley who works for the Super Secret National Security Agency. The only problem is the NSA has strict rules about discussing her employment.

What Ashley can tell us is that in her senior year she entered the High School Work Study Program (HSWS). She went to school for half a day and spent the remainder of the day working part-time at the NSA. After completing the program she was hired on as a full-time employee and has been there ever since.

She's currently an Executive Secretary. In her position she carries out daily administrative tasks to help her office function and run properly. And though in the future she would like to move into another career field at NSA, she says she is currently enjoying her job and responsibilities.

That's all we can tell you about Ashley's job, but we can still tell you more about her and her cheering career.

She was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up Gambrills, MD, a small town between Baltimore and Washington.

Ashley began cheering in second grade and cheered all through elementary and middle school. In high school she was on her school's gymnastics team. She didn't cheer for high school squad, but instead was on an All-Star team known as the Maryland Flyers.

After school was over Ashley realized she really missed cheering. Her mom, who Ashley credits as her biggest influence, happen to see a flyer promoting Blast Cheerleader Auditions. Ashley had always enjoyed watching indoor soccer, so with mom's encouragement, she gave it a try and made the team in May of 2007.

Since she started as a cheerleader with no formal dance experience Ashley says prefers any kind of dance that involves clean simple moves with lots of hair!

Blast Cheerleaders
Photo by Kathy Tirocchi

Ashley will admit that balancing work and cheering is sometime difficult. She's usually in the office until about 6:00pm, so on rehearsal nights that means going straight to practice in Baltimore. However, she the loves the Blast and being a Blast Cheerleader so much no matter what challenges may arise, she always does all she can to balance her schedule and be a part of the team.

Some of the events that she's had a chance to participate in include the Lupus Walk in Baltimore, The AST Dew Tour in Baltimore, and a memorable event for Military Veterans at Ripken Stadium.

And when she's not at work or dancing Ashley likes to spend time with her wonderful boyfriend and their two-year old Boxer, whom they love to treat like their child.

Blast Cheerleaders
Photo by Kathy Tirocchi

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