Friday, August 22, 2008

Angels Auditions 

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This past Sunday morning the concourse of Philadelphia's Wachovia Center was transformed into an dance studio as young ladies from all across the Delaware Valley turned out for a chance to be an Angel, a member of the dance team for the National Lacrosse League Philadelphia Wings.

Angels Auditions
The view from above

Angels Dance Team co-Directors (and sisters-in law!) Debbie Lynch and Dana Theil were in search of for dancers with charisma ready to perform before thousand of fans, but who are also well-spoken and comfortable interacting with fans. In addition to their performances at the Wings games, Angels, participate in on-field promotions and make visit to fans in luxury suites and at birthday parties.

Angels Auditions
A hopeful works on the routine

Four-year veteran and Captain Stephanie helped the girls warm-up and then taught the routine.After a short break the action moved upstairs.

Angels Auditions
Standing before the judges

Hopefuls performed in groups of three in front of a panel of judges that included both co-Directors, a retiring Angel and representatives from the Wings, 76ers, and Flyers organizations.

Angels Auditions
Veteran Angel Lauren R. Returning Angels had to re-audition for their spots.

More photos and the rest of the story in the gallery.

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