Saturday, August 23, 2008

14th Annual Eagles Youth Partnership Carnival 

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Eagles Cheerleaders, Players, Coaches and Staff all turned out for the 14th Annual Eagles Youth Partnership Carnival this past Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. There were games, clinics, contests, tours and autographs to be had. In the end the Carnival exceeded expectations and raised more than 1 million dollars.

14th Annual EYP Carnival
In the Eagles locker room. I thought it was interesting that the players have a cappuccino machine.

14th Annual EYP Carnival
Priscilla and Katheryn with a fan. There were lots of photos taken on Sunday.

14th Annual EYP Carnival
A young fan rushes with the ball.

14th Annnual EYP Carnival
Alexandra and Jenna on the field.

14th Annual EYP Carnival
Lito Sheppard has good taste in books.

14th Annual EYP Carnival
A fan tries the 4th and 26th Challenge.

14th Annual EYP Carnival
Victoria at the Cheerleading Clinic


A special thanks to Eagles Cheerleader Director Barbara Zaun. Even though she was busy dispatching her Cheerleaders to their assignments around the stadium, Ms. Zaun, took the time to track down my missing media credential.

The rest of the photos in the gallery.

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

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