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Scottish Rockettes Dubai Diary 

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Well where to start… what an amazing experience!

It all started back in April when I received a text from Carole Anne, "Girls are you available the week beginning May 5th until the 11th?" Straight away I texted back… "yes!" Didn't matter what it was… I just love being a Rockette and want to be involved in all our events! It wasn't until a few days later I found out that Lynne, Claire, Clayr, Carole Anne and myself would be jetting off to Dubai to dance at the FIFA Beach Soccer Tournament! Amazing!!! I had been to Dubai once before with the Rockettes and couldn't believe I was getting the chance to go again, fantastic!

So then the hard work begun, training sessions every night as our routines had to be adapted for the sand! We also made up some new choreography to some very upbeat salsa music; which I loved! To make sure we were polished to perfection Carole Anne made us practice hard with late night training sessions… God she's a slave driver sometimes but it was all very exciting.

Before I knew it, it was time to get packing, and this time I was prepared! As you may imagine the Rockettes DO NOT travel light. However the first time I travelled with the girls I took a tiny pink case, thinking I didn't want it to be too heavy… silly me eh? The rest of the Rockettes nearly died laughing when they seen me haha. I was determined that would not be happening again so this time I found the biggest case ever and put ALL my clothes in it… hey I was travelling with the most glamorous girls in the country and wanted to make sure I had an outfit for every occasion (believe it or not I still ended up borrowing Claire's clothes – thanks Claire!)

And before we knew it, we were off!

The flight was amazing, we were so excited… but we soon settled down watched a movie (or two) on our personal TVs and enjoyed being well looked after by the cabin crew. Seven hours later we touched down in Dubai… slightly tired we collected our luggage and headed to the collection point. Next thing there is a bit of a kafuffle behind me and turned to find Claire jumping around waving her camera… next thing I know Ray Quinn from X-Factor was walking alongside me… Claire was well chuffed when she managed to her photograph taken with him! Go Claire! Dubai airport is quite overwhelming, it's so busy, there are people everywhere so you'll not be surprised to find we weren't able to locate our driver… but hey, you'd think he'd have been able to spot us eh… five gorgeous cheerleaders, in high heels & matching jackets – we didn't exactly blend in!! Eventually we make it back to the hotel and got our rooms sorted out, I was sharing with Lynne which turns out I was more and more happy about as the week progressed as I found out how messy the both Claire's were – their room was a tip! How they found anything I don't know!

On the first day we got up bright and early and headed to the Library, of all places, to practice. After a few hours of perfecting the routines we all headed back to our rooms get ready as we had to then go down to where the event early for a full rehearsal… oh and maybe get used to dancing in the sand. The heat that day was unreal! As we practised our routines the makeup was melting off our faces, my hair was flattening; meanwhile Carole Anne's was inflating! Thankfully the organizers had us a huge tent with air-con arranged so we all rushed to cool off… phew!! However within about an hour we were too cold so had to go outside to heat up… typical girls are never happy eh? Time to get ready and our new outfits looked great! We had a few different ones for each of the nights and couldn't wait to get them on.

It was then we met our fellow performer, football freestyler John Farnworth. Think he might have been a bit overwhelmed at first by us bubbly Scottish lassies but before long he was hanging out with us and was our new friend… he even taught us a few tricks!

And so it was then time for our first performance, we were all getting a bit nervous as we knew our technical routines were going to be difficult on the sand! As we jumped, rolled and kicked I heard the occasional 'ohh' and 'ahh' from my fellow team mates but we just made it seem like was part of the show (true professionals eh!). We soon had the hang of it and by the second performance we had settled right in! The first night was over so fast and as each of the nights passed the crowds grew and grew until the Final where the fans were going mad! You could see how big an event it was and it felt great to be part of it.

The week seemed to fly by, we were kept so busy! As soon as we finished dancing we were whisked back to the hotel for a banquet of delicious food and then the hosts had arranged social events for all the event's staff too which was fabulous. Honestly the places in Dubai are just amazing, way better than you could imagine.

Before we knew it, it was time to come back home and we were back in the airport. It had been a tiring week so as soon as I got on the plane I fell asleep, literally before the plane had taken off! It had been an amazing week, and the people hosting the event looked after us well, so a big thank you to them!

What a fantastic time was had by all of us in Dubai, I loved every minute of it! And am so glad I had the opportunity to go!

It was so sad on leaving as we all had such a great time between sunbathing, dancing, and nights out with great people, you couldn't have asked for any more…

Love & hugs


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