Saturday, July 26, 2008

Redskins Cheerleaders at Fan Appreciation Day 

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It was a hot and steamy day at Redskins Training Camp as the Redskins celebrated Fan Day. The Redskins band performed, Coach Jim Zorn addressed the fans, the players played a a scrimmage, and of course the Redskins Cheerleaders were on hand.

I was in good position for some close-ups as the Cheerleaders made their way to the field. Not is such a good position for shots of the performance.

Jaqui is a two-year veteran and a Business Systems Analyst.

More photos in the gallery. (Still struggling with the name of the rookies)

Nicole and Anabel
Later, while we were eating lunch in the Dulles Town Center food court, we saw Redskins Cheerleaders Nicole and Anabel who were promoting the appearance of Doc Walker at Nordstrom's. It's all part of the kickoff celebration of Nordstrom's new line-up of Redskins apparel.

Nicole is a two-year veteran and a high school science teacher.

[Washington Redskins Cheerleaders]

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