Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo Essay: The Celtics Dancers finals 2008 

Posted by Sasha at 4:25 PM ET

By Bianca Strzelczyk
Boston.com correspondent


More than a dozen new members joined the Celtics last night - not as team members - but rather the new lineup for the upcoming season's dance team.

During the final auditions last night at The Roxy, the team chose 17 women to provide entertainment to screaming basketball fans.

Last night was the final auditions following earlier tryouts that involved more than 200 women who wanted to wear a Celtics dancing uniform. This was the third annual Celtics Dance team tryouts. Only 39 of those 200 actually made it to the finals.

Friends and family (well, those over 18) cheered on their favorite dancers. Some displayed bright signs while others just screamed — a lot....(cont'd)

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