Sunday, July 06, 2008

Patriots' cheerleaders lead Chinese volunteers 

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Cheerleaders listen to American trainers. (Photo credit: Zhang Yu)

(BEIJING2008.cn, July 5) -- Over 600 volunteers hailing from every part of China met for training on Friday, led not only by expert Chinese choreographers, but also by American cheerleaders from a National Football League (NFL) team.

The job of these cheerleaders is to rev up the crowds at the Olympic venues. During previous Games, Olympic cheerleaders only jumped on the scene at a few events. In Beijing, they are slated to appear at every competition, acting not only as cheerleaders, but also as dancers and acrobats. No doubt a flawless performance will be quite a challenge.

Practicing with cheerleaders from the New England Patriots (Photo credit: Zhang Yu)

But these volunteers are up for it. From June 23 to July 27, they will meet to undergo tough practice for their Olympic debut.

The determined looks on their faces say it all. "I must work hard so that I can show the world the spirit of China's youth, the happiness that sports brings," explained one cheerleader.

Training (Photo credit: Zhang Yu)

"They're really professional. They not only taught us moves, more importantly, they taught us how to better communicate, transfer our enthusiasm to the audience." The volunteers were very happy with their foreign coaches, cheerleaders from the NFL team the New England Patriots.

The Americans in turn were quite satisfied with their students' performances, saying that they were extremely hardworking and progressed very quickly.

Volunteers smile while practicing. (Photo credit: Zhang Yu)

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