Tuesday, July 01, 2008

MVC at Grandma’s Marathon 

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Hi Vikings Fans!

This past weekend a few MVC headed up north to enjoy festivities in Duluth, MN. After bringing the Vikings’ spirit to cheer on the kids during the Whippersnapper Races, Annalisa and Sarah put on their running shoes to join over 13,000 runners for the 32nd Annual Grandma’s Marathon.

Sarah – Grandma’s Marathon
4th Year, 2nd Year Team Captain

Eighteen weeks of training and the day was finally here…26.2 miles…of running. What was I thinking?!?! People asked me if I was nervous or excited, I was a little of both. My first marathon was Grandma’s Marathon in 2007. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve done. At the same time, it was such an amazing experience I came back for more! The part that made me nervous was I realized there are twenty miles to mentally prepare for the last six, which is the hardest part. Luckily there were supportive spectators along the route that cheered us on to the finish line. Also, knowing I had two co-workers and a teammate running, along with my family at the end, helped me through the exhausting 3+ hours. Even though I just missed qualifying for Boston’s Marathon by only 3 minutes, I am very happy to say I beat my time from last year.

I’m sure I’ll run again in the future but for now I’m ready for football season! Go Vikes!

Annalisa – Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
1st Year MVC

As I stood at the starting line and looked around at the sea of runners surrounding me, I was nervous to begin my first race. It was interesting to observe men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes prepare to embark on a challenge together with other individuals who all shared a common passion, running.

We were not at the starting line for very long. We soon were on our way along the scenic Lake Superior race course. It was the perfect morning for an event like this. The sun was shining and the cool breeze from the lake felt refreshing. The race went really well for me. It was fun interacting with other runners along the course. I did not realize how empowering it would feel to run alongside so many individuals. It was encouraging to know that there were thousands of people cheering you on to the finish line. I finished the race and I look forward to doing another one in the future. After the race, I was able to stay by the finish line and see my teammate, Sarah, finish Grandma’s marathon in less than four hours! It was a great day.

My favorite part of the whole experience was all of the positive energy surrounding the event. The staff were friendly, organized, and extremely supportive of the runners. Seeing so many volunteers lining the streets offering food and water to runners as they passed by was incredible. It was evident the entire Duluth community pulled together and organized a wonderful event for thousands of spectators and runners to enjoy. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us runners!

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