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Meredith Takes Flight at Maxim Photo Shoot 

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Randy Lange, Editor-in-Chief
July 3, 2008

It may be the first week of July, meaning the Fourth, fireworks and vacations, but the work of the New York Jets Flight Crew continues. The 22-member crew continues to work out at Weeb Ewbank Hall to get ready for their 2008 debut.

And Meredith was selected to go on an important photo shoot for Maxim magazine that was held in New York City on Wednesday afternoon, with an eye toward producing a Cheerleaders/Flight Crew Members of the NFL feature in its September issue.

Meredith gave me a call today and here's her report on how the event went:

"I found out about the shoot the night before, around 5 in the evening, and I was totally excited. In fact, we practiced Tuesday evening and everybody was excited for me. To me this is a very huge deal and I know it is for the Jets organization, too.

"Denise Garvey, the Flight Crew director, and I went there together. They actually didn't tell us what the theme of the shoot was, but I'm assuming it's a cheerleader kind of thing. Five teams were represented there altogether — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and the Jets. All the girls were very sweet, and obviously they're all very beautiful girls.

"I was there from about 12:30 till 6 o'clock and it was great. There was a little bit of waiting around but it was fine because while you're there, you're getting your hair and makeup done and you're talking with the other girls and getting pictures taken.

"I was actually the last person to go. I don't know why I was last. I was figuring maybe it was because I was local. The other girls did fly in very late the night before and were flying out after the photo shoot. I guess it did work out that I was last. It was great.

"I think Maxim is a very tasteful magazine. I've seen it plenty of times. Denise and I just felt we wanted to keep our photos more like sexy/tasteful, very classy. That's just the image we want the Flight Crew to have. On normal gamedays when we're in our uniforms or at promotions, that's our image. We want to be sexy but in a very classy, tasteful way, in more of a girl-next-door kind of way. We wanted to stick to that, and that's the kind of image I love.

"Everybody in the Flight Crew text-messaged me good luck that morning. Then after the shoot, we went straight back to rehearsal Wednesday night. We had some pictures we showed all the girls and we told them about the big day.

"For me, I've done some exciting things, but this is definitely the most exciting for me. Besides being a part of the Jets, I'd say, yeah, this is the biggest thing I've done, and maybe I could say this will be the biggest thing Ill ever do.

"But it's also so big because Maxim put us in the category with these huge cheerleading teams. We're a new team, and to have us with the Bucs, Dolphins, Eagles and Redskins, those are well-known cheerleading teams, that's amazing to us.

"So I know this is a huge deal. As I said to the girls on Tuesday night, it's so awesome that I'm going for our whole team, all 22 of us. To have us represented like this, it's awesome. And there will be so many opportunities, there will definitely be more things coming up. Like the Pro Bowl with Linda, a girl here, a girl there — everybody's going to get a chance to do something."

Click here to view some (unfortunately blurry) behind-the-scenes photos.

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