Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet The 2008 MVC 

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Meet the 2008 MVC
By Lissa (2nd year)

The season is in full swing for the 2008 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. The ladies have been extremely busy! In addition to practicing three times per week, the MVC have also been very active in many community events, meeting up with their personal trainers, and doing multiple photo shoots. The team has also been on the road and in the air quite often for various events including military appearances as well as a trip to Atlanta for a professional cheerleading clinic.

This year’s roster boasts 34 beautiful and talented ladies including 25 veterans and 9 rookies. The team was recently given their “Small Teams” (the groups who perform together in the corner end-zones). These Small Teams are lead by Captains Rachel (6th year), Pamela (5th year), Sarah (4th year), Kara (4th year), and Krisandra (2nd year).

Collectively, the MVC are most excited about running out of the tunnel on the first game, performing our exciting end-zone and sideline routines, and cheering on the Vikings to the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay this February!

Fun Facts about the 2008 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders:

Among our 34 members, seven languages can be spoken: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Latin, and American Sign Language!

As a group, we have over 40 pets!

Heights on our team range from 5’1” to 5’10”

Shoe sizes range from a children’s 3.5 to an adult’s 9.5.

Occupations of our ladies include teachers, a lawyer, a doctor, an Army National Guard member and small business owners.

Seven of our team members have cheered for other professional sports teams including the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Swarm, and the Dallas Cowboys!

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