Saturday, July 19, 2008

Former Redskins Ambassador Sworn-in as US Naval Officer 

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On Saturday, July 12 Former Redskins Ambassador and Sweethearts for Soldiers calendar model Jessica was sworn-in as a Naval officer at the United States Navy Memorial in Washington D.C. While she was with the Redskins, she was a Senior Airman at Andrews Air Force Base, in Maryland. Jessica is also one of the reigning "Capitol Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People," and The Hill newspaper recently followed up with her. The article will come out when the new list is published in a couple of weeks.

Jessica's Commission
Adrianna, a Washington Redskins Ambassador and Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, renders the first salute. Jessica and Adrianna became friends when they met as Redskins Ambassadors, so she chose Adrianna for the honor. She then handed Adrianna a silver dollar, as the custom goes.

Jessica's Commission
L-r: Redskins Ambassador Danielle, Wizards Dancer Teneii, Redskins Cheerleader Dawn, Jessica, Redskins Cheerleader Denise, and Redskins Ambassador Yelena.

Commenting on the day and her friends that turned out to celebrate her achievement, Jessica said, "The military means everything to me and it's actually my cheerleader gal pals that have been my biggest supporters through all this. They are so patriotic and I feel that may be why they make such an big impact when they perform for the troops overseas."

Jessica's Commission
Good friends Danielle and Jessica

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