Monday, July 21, 2008

Dream Team Kristen 

Posted by James at 2:17 PM ET

Representing the Los Angeles Avengers A-Team at Arena Bowl XXII is Kristen.

New Orleans VooDoo Dolls
But as you can see in this photo from ArenaFootball.com, Kristen is a New Orleans VooDoo Doll. This is not a webmaster goof. The representative from the A-Team couldn't make to Arena Bowl. (Perhaps due to the fact that Laker Girl Auditions are underway right now and the Laker Girls double as the A-Team). So the league asked for a VooDoo Doll fill in.

The neat thing is with both Kristen and Giselle on the Dream Team, all of the original VooDoo Dolls still on the squad have been to Arena Bowl.

New Orleans VooDoo Dolls
Rachel (2005 Dream Team), Giselle (2008 Dream Team), Bridget (2004 Dream Team) , Kristen (2008 Dream Team/Avengers)

New Orleans VooDoo Dolls
Rachel, Bridget, Giselle, Kristen

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