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Dancer with Caribbean Roots selected as an A- Town Dancer for Atlanta Hawks 

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South Florida Caribbean News
July 22, 2008

ATLANTA - Nikki McKenzie, a Miami native with Jamaican roots was selected as an A-Town Dancer for the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, July 19th. Nikki is one of 17 dancers selected out of 150 applicants who auditioned. The week long process included the opportunity for the general public to vote on-line for their favorite dancer to become an A-Town Dancer.

Nikki has been dancing since she was 3 years old and attended various Dance Studios in the South Florida area. She is excited and thrilled at the opportunity of being an A-Town Dancer and is ready to show off her skills. In addition to being passionate about dancing, Nikki decided to tryout for the job because of the opportunity to get involved with the community and felt that being an A-Town Dancer would help to accomplish her goals.

A-Town Dancers are required to participate in community activities. As such, Nikki is eager to get involved and demonstrate her philanthropic nature. “I like to motivate and encourage others that may be in a situation that they feel there’s no getting out of and part of what the A-Town Dance Team does is participate in events that does exactly that” says Nikki. “This job will also serve as a networking tool and I am also looking forward to that aspect. Meeting the right people at the right time can open many doors. Ultimately I would like to get into acting and perhaps one day star in a movie that involves mad, crazy, dancing.”

Nikki attended Coral Reef High School and New World School of the Arts in South Miami. She is currently enrolled in the on-line program at Miami Dade College and will complete her studies in the near future with an Associates Degree in Communications. Her long term plans includes attending a University in Georgia where she will work towards earning her Bachelor’s degree and hopefully being able to choreograph some of the dance routines for the A-Town Dancers.

Because of her versatility and multicultural background Nikki feels she is an asset to the team and will be able to introduce them to her Jamaican roots from the music to dance moves which is sure to get the crowd into the game.


From the bottom of my heart, “thank you” so much for voting for me. Your unwavering support and encouragement served me well during the auditions. The audition was exciting, painful, yet extremely rewarding. Yes, I made it and I am now an official member of the Atlanta Hawks A-Town Dancers. I am thrilled beyond measures and ever so grateful to every single one of you who took the time out to vote for me.

Thank you, and please, No matter what team you supported before, I know you will now be a fan of the Atlanta Hawks! If you are ever in the ATL area during season, kindly come out and watch the greatest basketball team in the US, along with the most exciting dancers in the NBA, featuring yours truly.

We wish Nikki well” says, her Uncle, Luther Mac a well known producer and promoter in South Florida. We are proud of her and will give her all the support she needs to help her succeed and make us proud.

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