Sunday, July 27, 2008

BlazerDancer Audition Results 

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Portland Trailblazers: Benson High School was the setting of the first round of auditions for those wishing to capture one of the 16 coveted spots on the 2008-2009 BlazerDancer Squad.

After a brief session of warm-up exercises, the dancers were taught a quick combo routine and pom-pom routine. Dancers had 45 minutes to learn and perfect their routine then it was time to perform it in front of the judges. Those who made it through the first round immediately went back to work learning a routine from former BlazerDancer, Jessica. After an hour, in came another set of judges and another set of cuts.

After round 2 cuts, the temperature in the gym started to heat up as did the competition as the dancers were joined on the floor by members of the former Jam Squad. While there will be no Jam Squad performing for the Blazers this year, those interested in trying out for the BlazerDancers got a bye through round 2. Although there were to be no more cuts made that day, the hard work continued as dancers were taught a routine they were to be judged on the following morning. Instruction of that routine came to a close as did Day 1 of BlazerDancer auditions. Dancers who had been learning and performing choreography for up to 9 hours staggered out the gym exhausted but anxious for the following day.

Round 2 began with a brief review of the routine that the dancers had learned the afternoon before. The 3rd set of judges came in to evaluate the performances and while the judges may have been scary, it was the entrance of all the returning BlazerDancers that really intimidated those auditioning. Cuts were made and almost half of those who entered the day were let go. Those who made it through the cuts had made it to the finals and were one cut away from being named to the BlazerDancer Squad.

The finalists were joined on the court by the returning members of the BlazerDancers. There are no guaranteed spots for the BlazerDancers, if a dancer was on the team last year, there is no reserved space for them on the following years team. They do get a bye into the finals, but have to audition just like the rest of the group. So the 33 finalists took to the floor to endure a physical and mentally exhausting day of choreography. Finalists were taught two routines that they will have 2 weeks to perfect before they have perform it for the last set of judges.

In addition to the two routines they were taught on Sunday, finalists must create a one-minute solo routine that they will perform during finals as well as face a personal interview with members of the Trail Blazers front office. It will make for a long two weeks for the dancers, and finals are shaping up to be a tremendous show with the judges having to make a very difficult decision on who to name to the 2008-2009 BlazerDancer team.

Finals will be held on Sunday, July 27th at the Wonder Ballroom (128 NE Russell Street, Portland) and are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Doors will open at 3:45pm and seating is on a first come, first served basis. We encourage all family, friends and Trail Blazers fans to show up and encourage the finalists (plus Comcast is filming the auditions and will turn it into a reality TV Show so you might get on TV too). Hope to see you all at FINALS!!

[Audition slideshow]

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