Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Telemundo Experiencia Deportiva 

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By Elena Valenzuela
June 24, 2008

Thousands of sports fans participated in the Third Annual Telemundo KVEA-TV 52 Experiencia Deportiva event that took place last Sunday in Huntington Park, Calif. All major sports leagues were represented at the event and the only NFL team on hand was The Oakland Raiders.

Fans of the Silver and Black waited under the sun to have some fun Raiders' style. To the fans' delight, they had the chance to answer trivia questions and win Raider merchandise. The multitude of fans who played the trivia game proved their Raider knowledge was up-to-date and were happy to earn cool prizes like decals, key chains, Raiderette calendars, and more.

The Raiders area was not only about games but also a center of information for season tickets. The fans were eager to learn more about how to become season ticket holde

One of the main attractions of the Raiders interactive area was the appearance of Raiderettes Erica and Itza, who shared some laughs and signed autographs. They posed for pictures and spent quality time with many fans.

During the day, Huntington Park was inundated by sports fans who were excited to attend such an entertaining event free of charge. The soccer, baseball, basketball, wrestling, motocross and auto racing areas offered all types of activities but the Raiders area quickly became popular.

The Oakland Raiders worked with Telemundo KVEA-TV 52 and the other major sports leagues to make Experiencia Deportiva a successful event. At the end of the day, every sports fan beamed with excitement and gratitude since the event was one of a kind. Older and younger generations had a blast because all sports have the amazing ability to encourage a healthy lifestyle while supporting favorite teams. There was no doubt The Oakland Raiders were a favorite among thousands.

(Sidebar: Unless I am very much mistaken, the Chiva Girls pictured with Itza and Erica above are Ashley and Amy. And unless I am even more mistaken, that Ashley, is also this Ashley. Oooh - busted!)

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