Sunday, June 22, 2008

Soulmates Last Regular Season Game 

Posted by James at 8:37 AM ET

For the first time in history the Philadelphia Soul defeated the Gladiators franchise. With five seconds to go a failed two-point conversion for Cleveland sealed a 62-21 victory for the Soul.

This was also the last regular season game for the Soulmates, who have been an absolute joy to photograph all year long.



Cheryl and Yasmine

And I've got a few photos of the Soul Squad in action as well.

It's all in the gallery.

Although the specifics are still up in the air, the Soul will host at least one home game. Between my vacation and the still up-in-the-air playoff scheduling, this may have been my last Soul game for the season. A big thanks to Marla Viturello for allowing me total access, and a big thanks to the Soulmates for putting up with me following them around all season long!

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