Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rhythm in Blue 

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By Sara Walsh

As a dancer, Jessica Pikulski's career has come full circle. In January, she retired after four years as a Redskins Cheerleader.

"I thought I was done, and I was pretty sad about it for a couple months," says Pikulski.

But even as she's expecting her first child, dancing remains her first love. So Jessica leapt at the chance to become coach of a Wizards team where she was also once a member. "It's the perfect segway to the next part of my life," Pikulski explains.

Communicating clearly is a priority for the 31-year old, because growing up it wasn't so simple. Jessica was born legally deaf. " I say I'm 75 percent hearing impaired. For vanity's sake, it's nice to have these little aids. You can barely see them," Pikulski says.

"She hides it well. Unless she tell you, you wouldn't know," says her former teammate Kelly Owens.

Jessica at FedEx Field during a 2006 pre-season game.

When Jessica was a Wizards Dancer and now as the team's coach, she can feel the vibrations on the wooden court floor. Dancing at Fed Ex Field though, was an issue.

"I've always had a team of girls that would count for me and if I didn't start they'll tell me Jess the music is on-go!"

At the moment she can't show off her skills, but she can always lead by example.

"There's really no reason for you to try and handicap yourself. You just keep going," Pikulski says.

Staying in rhythm even if you can't hear the beat, Sara Walsh, 9 News Now.

Watch a video of this report here.

Wizard Girl Auditions are this Saturday.

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