Tuesday, June 10, 2008

P.R.O. Convention: The Real Deal Workshop 

Posted by James at 1:00 AM ET

The Real Deal
This is a photo a few minutes before the Real Deal 2 Workshop began.

And let me tell you the workshop was the most fascinating ninety minutes I've spent in a long time.

After running the blog for 4+ years, I thought I knew a fair amount about the audition process and directing a team, and wow was I wrong.

The Six Directors provided information that is key if you trying to make you're first team, stay on your team, make the move to another team or league, or run a squad of your own.

Not that I will ever have a chance to employ this knowledge but now I know:

What are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid at auditions?
How to avoid getting on your Director's bad side?
What you should never say in the interview?
And so much more!

At the end there was a Q&A where the Directors answered questions honestly and frankly. That's why they call it The Real Deal.

And I can't tell you a word of it. I'm sworn to secrecy.

So how can you get the information from the workshop?

Well you could ship me off to Gitmo and force it out. But a much simpler way would be to attend one of AllPro3's Real Deal Workshops. They're held in various cities around the country. We'll be sure to post upcoming dates and locations or you can always check out AllPro3.com.

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