Tuesday, June 17, 2008

P.R.O. Convention: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders 

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(I'm not done with the P.R.O. Convention by a long shot, just a combination of being busy at work, multiple events to attend and some thunderstorm induced power outages have me a bit behind.)

Is there are harder working Director than Tami Krause? All weekend long (when she wasn't teaching a class) the Head Coach and Coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders and the NLL Minnesota Swarm Performance Team was writing in her notebook, making notes in her planner or tapping away on her laptop. She even told me sometimes she's too busy to read the blog, so she'll have one of her staff go online and read aloud to her the latest posts!

Tami Krause

Over the past year the Vikings Cheerleaders had two very successful tours to perform for the troops: one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. It was the first time the Vikings Cheeerleaders had been overseas in a while, and Tami says they hope this will be the start of many more such trips.

No changes in store for the uniform. Last year's new look was a big success and the uniform is now easily identifiable as belonging to the Vikings Cheerleaders. According to Tami, in the past Pro Bowl fans would see a purple uniform and invariably call out "Vikings!" to the Ravens Cheerleader and vice versa, but that problem is now in the past.

This year is the 25th Anniversary of the MVC and as part of the celebration the Vikings Cheerleaders Alumni Website has been launched.

Tami Krause

Vikings Cheerleaders photos in the gallery.

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