Monday, June 30, 2008

P.R.O. Convention: Brandii McCoy is a Little Bit Crazy... 

Posted by James at 7:00 AM ET

Brandii McCoy is a little bit crazy and she'll the first to tell you so. But you'd probably be crazy as well if you had her schedule.

Brandii McCoy

She's the director of both the NBA Charlotte Lady Cats and the ECHL Charlotte CheckMates with a killer schedule of 85+ home games.

So how does she manage?

Well, both teams play at at Time Warner Cable Arena. So on hockey game nights, she is there with the CheckMates for on ice rehearsal at 5:00, the meet/greet at 6:00, and will watch them perform on ice at about 7:20. Brandii then grabs all her stuff and runs (and she means a full RUN) to the basketball practice court where the LadyCats are waiting to begin their three-hour rehearsal.

Also Brandii relies on the ladies on her squads to step it up. The CheckMates run practice one night a week without her. On Tuesday nights Brandii teaches them as much choreography she can. Then the CheckMates rehearse it on Thursday night without her, because she is rehearsing with the LadyCats.

Brandii McCoy

Brandii also makes use of technology to manage her teams. Each squad has their own online group calendar. Squad members log in and they can see all appearances, practice reminders, outfits, games etc. It saves Brandii from having to send reminder emails every day, and she says it has been a real life saver.

Photos of the Lady Cats and the CheckMates in the gallery.

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