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Our Friends in Scotland Select New Squad 

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Scottish Rockettes Pro-Dance 2008-09 Tryouts

The Scottish Rockettes Pro-Dance Team auditions took place on the 25 of May 2008 at premier health club JJB Fitness and proved to be the toughest yet in the squad's 7-year history.

We are delighted to say that this year's auditions were a huge success with a fantastic turnout of dancers all hoping to have what it takes to make it into the UK's top pro-sports dance team.

After a high-impact warmup the applicants were put through a set of demanding fitness tests, including body-fat analysis, endurance, strength and flexibility to name just a few, in order to produce personal fitness reports to be used by the judges later that afternoon. Marie, Duty Manager of JJB Fitness Club, said "these fitness tests are intense and designed to push the ladies to their limits while targeting each of the different muscle groups to identify their strengths and weaknesses. I must admit I was surprised – the dancers seemed to really enjoy it and certainly rose to the challenge!"

Next up was a Dance Technique section, where each dancer was asked to execute a series of kicks, leaps and pirouettes in isolation before they were incorporated in a demanding jazz routine taught by Dance Team Manager Carole Anne Deeney. The pressure was on as the dancers would have to perform this routine for a celebrity judging panel only hours later leaving little time for practice and polishing.

The applicants coped remarkably well, almost certainly due to the extremely high standard of dance ability demonstrated on the day. This made it all the more difficult for the celebrity judging panel to narrow down their choices for the final squad. As well as their dance performance, each applicant was asked a series of questions by the judges in order to assess their personality, commitment and enthusiasm.

Carole Anne, Dance Team Manager, said, "this year's auditions were by far the toughest yet, I can honestly say that almost every applicant had the potential to make the team and represent the Rockettes brand – unfortunately we couldn't select everyone and therefore had the very tough job of choosing which applicants would make the final cut. The marking was so competitive and as you can imagine each of the judges had a different selection so we spent some considerable time before coming to a unanimous decision!"

For the first time in the history of the Rockettes, the Rocks Basketball coach joined his fellow colleague on the judging panel. Rocks player/coach Sterling Davis has a wealth of experience in his field, lifting the title of 'Molten Coach of the Month' several times in the last season so his expertise in the sport along with his knowledge of the Rocks brand made him an asset to the panel.

"I really enjoyed the whole experience of the Rockettes tryouts. I was very impressed with not only the dancing aspect but the desire and intensity each of them showed in their quest to make the final cut. I have a great respect for each and every girl that was there on the day because that's not an easy thing to do… I know I couldn't do it! Congrats to all those who made the squad, and for those that didn't, keep working and don't give up." said Sterling.

Rockettes Pro-Dance Team 2008-2009

Carole Anne was delighted with the final selection, "with 15 returning veterans and 9 rookies it's excellent mix of experience and new talent, resulting in a first class squad!"

Again we would like to thank everyone for all their hard work and enthusiasm during this event and express our gratitude to all the dancers who attended. I'm sure all the applicants will agree it was a great day and an experience they will never forget.

In the end it was extremely close and we would like to wish those not lucky enough to be selected all the best and we hope to see them again for next year's tryouts.

We would also like to thank all of our judges including Adrian Coll – Clyde 1 DJ and BBC sports reporter Kheredine Idsanne. We really appreciate your support.

For the girls who made the team, this is where the hard work begins!! The new team start training straight away in preparation for the first Scottish Rocks home game in October and also for a number of promotional events booked during the summer.

2008-2009 Tryouts Photo Gallery

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