Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inside Nets Dancers Boot Camp 

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New Jersey Nets Entertainment Manager Kimberlee Garris would get inquiries concerning Nets Dancers auditions from ladies who wanted to know what to expect. So last year she decided to create the full-blown experience of being a Nets Dancer. Twenty young ladies attended and it was a huge success. This year Kimberlee expanded the size of the boot camp to between 35-40, still small enough to provide each individual attention to each dancer.

Nets Dancers
Nets Entertainment Manager Kimberlee Garris with Nets Dancers Jackie (left) and Taylor (right)

Nets Dancers

At the boot camp attendees learned two complete routines at the Nets Practice Facility on the same court that the Nets Dancers rehearse on. Sunday they learned a hip-hop routine choreographed by Luam for Step Up 2 and taught by Nets Dancer Taylor. The following day Nets Dancer Jackie helped them clean the routine. The process was repeated Tuesday when the bootcampers learned and a more technical jazz routine and then cleaned it on Wednesday.

Nets Dancers

On Thursday the ladies will be taught the routine for the technique portion of Open Call Auditions. Plus they'll get a chance to get feedback and audition tips on outfits, hair and makeup.

Of course, you don't have to try out for the Nets Dancers to attend the boot camp. I ran into one high school sophomore who was there just to improve her dance technique.

Take a closer look at the Nets Dancers Boot Camp in the gallery

Open Call Auditions for the Nets Dancers are Friday in NYC and Saturday in NJ. Full details here.

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