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Fan Vote Will Select Final Member of Jets Flight Crew 

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Fans Get Their Say on No. 22
By Eric Allen
June 1, 2008

The 2008 Flight Crew is almost complete. After a long Sunday at Marc Ecko Enterprises, Jets "Crew" director Denise Garvey announced 21 ladies who are now members of the '08 team. But before Garvey introduced the 21, she announced three names — Danielle D., Jennifer W. and Liana — who all still have a chance to be the 22nd and final selection.

You will make that all important decision on newyorkjets.com. The online poll is live and Jets fans will make the final call.

“It’s tough, but it’s still really cool to be a part of it," said Danielle D., a representative of Westchester, N.Y . "I’m proud to be in this situation right now."

“I think it’s an emotional rollercoaster," added Jennifer W., who calls Brentwood, Long Island, home. "I’m full of emotion right now, but it’s exciting. I’m still in it, but I am going to try to do my part and we’ll see what happens. May the best girl win.”

Already a winner, Jennifer is making a comeback to dance after hanging the shoes up for a couple of years. Danielle performed for the Arena League's New York Dragons the past three years and is a team captain this season.

Liana, a Bergen County, N.J., native, has been dancing since she was 5 and was also a member of the Hofstra University dance team.

“I’m definitely very excited to be in the running at least. It’s definitely very nerve-wracking but also exciting at the same time," she said. "I’m thinking I’ll be sending out a mass email tonight to all my friends.”

The photos of these three accompany this Radar entry. To review the trio's question-and-answer sessions that we ran for all 51 the Flight Crew finalists the previous two weeks, you kind find Liana's Q&A in Group 1, Danielle D.'s in Group 3 and Jennifer W.'s in Group 4.

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