Monday, June 16, 2008

Eagles Cheerleaders Return Home From Iraq 

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Jun 13, 2008

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ― A select group of Eagles Cheerleaders are back home after spending nearly two weeks with troops serving overseas in Iraq.

Five out of the 38 members of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad were chosen to participate in Mission: Iraq which aimed to entertain troops currently serving overseas.

The group arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport Thursday after touring the war zone for 12 days taking part in what they call a "life changing experience."

"Morale as a whole seems really high and they were really happy to see us, so we got a really good perspective of what life is like over there," said cheerleader Rachel Washburn.

The cheerleaders prepared a special routine for the troops, which they performed over a dozen times at bases in Iraq and Kuwait.

"Our rehearsals paid off very well and the audience absolutely loved every minute of the show," said cheerleader Laura Jenkins.

Aside from their performance, the cheerleaders said they got to meet the troops on a more personal level.

"We actually got to sit down and know these guys. We got to ask them about their families and their children," said cheerleader Madeline Kane.

Though they were far from Lincoln Financial Field, the group had no problem finding a few Eagles fans.

"Even if they weren't Eagles fans before they met us, they were after the fact," cheerleader Kjersti Soberg said.

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