Monday, June 09, 2008

Eagles Cheerleaders Make An Impression in Iraq 

Posted by Sasha at 6:43 PM ET

I "borrowed" this entry from a Lt. Michael Anthony, a blogger currently stationed in Iraq. It really means a lot to them when different squads go out to visit them. I encourage you to read the rest of his blog, as it gives an interesting perspective on everyday life for the troops over there.

...Today the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders came to Al Asad for a visit. Everyone was quite excited to see their name on the bill - even if you aren't from Philadelphia. The Eagles are doing a 12 day tour of Iraq playing shows at several bases. They spent the first few minutes doing a cheerleading routine. We of course enjoyed that. Next they spent some time introducing themselves - two cheerleaders were notable. One was born is Norway [Kjersti] so she gave her introduction in her native language, and the other [Rachel] was a ROTC Candidate that knew our lingo. She is going to Airborne School this summer which made everyone go nuts.

Next they had a NFL trivia contest and a physical fitness test. The fitness test was a push up competition that pitted one Airman, one Marine, and one Soldier against the ROTC candidate cheerleader. The guys tried really hard but the other cheerleaders sat on the guys weighing them down. The cheerleader was quite strong she knocked out 52 pushups. That is much greater than the Army standard. Lastly they had a picture session. It was nice that they spent time coming here for us.

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