Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dolphins cheerleaders help cap off week-long event 

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By Kevin Travis
Sports Editor
World Daily News
KT's Take on Sports
June 29, 2008

PLYMOUTH — There was plenty to cheer about Friday in Plymouth. Over 30 lucky, young cheerleaders were able to meet a couple of NFL cheerleaders to cap off a week-long Washington County Recreation cheerleading camp.

Lilly Robbins and Kayla Patterson, a pair of Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, appeared at Plymouth High School on Friday evening. The cheerleaders met the campers, signed autographs and took photos with all the girls, who ranged in age from 6 to 15. The campers came from Washington, Beaufort, Martin and Chowan counties.

“The camp was wonderful,” said Kimberly Leary, Washington County Recreation Camp Director. “It was very successful. The girls learned techniques, team spirit, good sportsmanship and about healthy nutrition.

“The girls from Miami had a good time. They were able to interact with the girls and they were able to inspire them and let them know how to be a cheerleader in uniform and out of uniform. They taught the girls to keep their grades up and to be respectful. It was a very successful interaction between the Dolphins cheerleaders and the Washington County Recreation campers.”

Robbins said the young cheerleaders did a nice job.

“The camp was great,” Robbins said. “We got to see the girls and we’re anxious to see them perform. I know they’d been working hard all week and we’re really excited to see what they have to show us.”

For those young Washington County cheerleaders aspiring to cheer in the NFL one day, they should be prepared to put in some long hours.

“It takes hard work and dedication,” said Robbins on what it takes to be an NFL cheerleader. “We practice more than 12 hours a week. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s definitely worth it. We practice hard to cheer hard for our team.”

Robbins noted that the cheerleaders spend a great deal of time together, which is a good bonding experience.

“We do a lot together,” Robbins said. “We’re like sisters. I see them more than my family.”

While the Dolphins cheerleaders were busy with their campers, a pair of former Miami football greats were participating in a camp on the football field. Charles Bowser, a former standout at Plymouth High School, was joined by former Dolphins teammate Mark “Super” Duper for the Second Charles Bowser NFL Youth Football Camp. Robbins, who has been with the Dolphins cheerleaders for three years, and Patterson, a two-year veteran, said they were honored to be a part of Washington County’s cheerleading camp.

“Everything is a privilege,” Robbins said. “Coming here (to Plymouth) is a privilege. It’s a great opportunity, and Kayla and I are happy to be a part of this.”

Plymouth is just the latest of several stops the cheerleaders have made in their careers. Robbins has made an appearance in the Middle East to visit the troops, and took part in promotions in London when the Dolphins played there last year. Robbins and Patterson also appear in several events closer to home, taking part in various camps, fundraisers and the annual Dolphins Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“We do a lot to help the community,” Robbins said.

Patterson and Robbins said they enjoy it all, especially the rush they get from performing in front of the home crowd at Dolphins games.

“It’s amazing,” Robbins said. “We work hard and train all summer, really from April until that first game in September. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

“We do halftime shows, pre-game (routines) and the end zone dances. We’re on the field all game long for the four hours in the Miami weather, but it’s a great experience. There’s nothing like cheering in front of 75,000 fans.”

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