Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Colts Photoshoot 

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Photo Gallery: Cheerleader Shoot
Wednesday, June 4
By Daron Williams

Thursday, June 5th marks the second and final day of cheerleader headshots. Last week the first half of the squad had their hair and make-up done at Tyler Mason Salon and Spa before posing for their photos.

“It's been going really well,” said Theresa Pottratz, Cheerleader Coordinator. “The girls have been really excited and have been having a lot of fun.”

Below [here] is a photo gallery with some of the outtakes from last week's photoshoot. The final photographs will soon appear on colts.com and other promotional materials. A combination of the pictures taken will be used for cheerleader autograph cards, with a headshot on one side and a full body shot on the other.

New uniforms are being made for the 2008 squad but are not yet finished. For now, there is a limited supply on hand for the photoshoots. Pottratz must coordinate the girls' schedules to make sure there is not too much downtime, but enough uniforms to go around.

“It’s a crazy, hectic day,” reports Pottratz. “But the girls have been doing a great job.”

There won’t be much time to rest as the squad leaves on Friday for a two-day dance convention in Atlanta, GA this weekend.(P.R.O.!)

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