Monday, June 30, 2008

Colts Cheerleaders in Muncie 

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The latest report from Midwest Dave:

Colts Cheerleaders

Recently rookie Colts Cheerleader Travasha was featured in a blog report from the P.R.O. Convention. On June 25th, Colts Cheerleaders Travasha and Kaiti appeared at the Colts "Make It Personal" Tour stop in Muncie. The Colts Cheerleaders participate in both the "Make It Personal" and "FanFest" appearances that have been going on throughout the summer, signing autographs along with Colts players. These events have occurred throughout Indiana in addition to Louisville. The success of the Colts over the Peyton Manning years in addition to the opening of the new Lucas Oil Stadium has built up to statewide Colts fever, and long lines of fans arrive to meet the players and cheerleaders.

Colts Cheerleaders

Colts Cheerleaders

The Muncie appearance occurred in the late afternoon during sweltering 90 degree temperatures. Colts players Josh Betts and Jeff Charleston said that the retractable roof will be closed when it rains or when temperatures fall to below the 40's and 50's, so it will be a change for the Colts Cheerleaders to be outdoors, perhaps for some of the early season heat. But on this day, despite the June heat, Kaiti and Travasha were happy to talk to fans, sign autographs, and help spread Colt's 'cheer' to the local fans.

Colts Cheerleaders
Josh Betts and Jeff Charleston

A video review of the Colts Cheerleaders' experiences at the P.R.O Convention is now featured in the Video/Audio section of the www.colts.com site.

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