Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Whole New Spirit 

Posted by Sasha at 8:38 PM ET

This time every year, there's always a little bit of shakeup around the NBA. Some directors, choreographers, and dancers move on to other things, and others come in to fill those shoes. This year, the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit is one of those teams going through a transition.

After ten years as Dance Team Director, chief chick-in-charge Jessie Christensen is retiring from the position. Everyone knows what a crazy schedule the NBA has, so now Jessie will have more time to focus on other exciting and rewarding things going on in her life. We'll miss her, but we're sending her off with tons of good wishes for the future.

So...if Jessie is leaving, who will take her place?

I'm so glad you asked. Join me in sending a big huge congratulations to the new Spirit Dance Team Director, Audrea Harris! Audrea will also be directing the Clippers Fan Patrol and the Jr. Jam Squad. Audrea brings a ton of experience to the position. She danced professionally for the LA Rams, LA Clippers and Seattle Sonics, was director of the Sonics Dancers, and has been involved in organizing game day entertainment for years. The Clippers couldn't have picked anyone better for the job. (Ya'll know I love me some Harris sisters, so I won't wax poetic on the subject.) All I can say is hold onto your hats folks, because this is going to be great!

(Photos above are from last year's Spirit audition. Top photo = Jessie with choreographer Andy Vaca. Bottom photo = Audrea with choreographer Shane Sparks.)

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