Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MVC in Afghanistan 

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Minnesota Vikings: Several members of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are in Afghanistan visiting the troops as part of a goodwill tour. While they are across seas, the girls will be blogging on vikings.com. Click here to read the first entry, and make sure to check back with vikings.com for updates over the coming days.

MVC Visit Soldiers in the Middle East
Sarah - 4th yr veteran
May 14, 2008

Over twenty hours of traveling and we are officially on the other side of the world. Jessie, Peyton, Bailey, Amanda, and I arrived in Doha, Qatar yesterday at 2100 to start our show tour. After resting for the evening we were excited to meet the soldiers.

Today we were at Camp As Sayliyah which is a base where soldiers go for a four day rest and relaxation. We spent time at the DFAC (dining facilities administration center) for an autograph session and met many soldiers here on “vacation”. Afterwards we had the opportunity to attend a briefing with COL Cotter (ASG-Qatar, Commander). We learned about the responsibilities of this base and what it’s used for.

Soon it was time to get ready for our first show! Decorating the spacious stage was a magnificent American flag. It gave be goosebumps to be dancing in such a patriotic environment. The show consisted of introductions, dances, crowd interaction and ended with our own fight song SKOL! We actually had a couple soldiers in the crowd who sang along! What a great first experience showing our appreciation for the service the men and women do for our country!

Tomorrow we are on our way to Afghanistan in a C130. So many troops to thank, so little time!

View photos taken by a fan in the audience. SGT Butler's gallery here

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